Welcome to the Official Resolution IT Guernsey Rally 2020

 On the 29th February 2020 Guernsey will be hosting its third annual closed road rally, with huge thanks to our title sponsor Resolution IT. 

Starting in the early hours throughout the day into the night

With a mixture of machines from all across the Channel Islands and possibly the UK. 

Taking Flight

Local crew Gary Duquemin/Andrew Henry catch some "air time" around the reservoir stage at the 2019 event. Along with many other crews who found the stages narrow and very challenging.

Fingers crossed 2020 will be just as challenging.  

North Show

Big thank you to the north show committee and all that helped with the north show.

The Guernsey Rally were invited with a static display and allowed some slots in the main area to do some demonstration runs. 

All while helping raise funds for Le Rondin school, a school for children with learning difficulties. 

We are proud to announce that we made £230 from passenger rides and other donations on the day. 

Pictured is a group of children from the school, whom were given a free passenger ride in some of the machinery on display. 


We were overwhelmed by the generous donation of £1000 as well a selection of radio controlled cars for Le Rondin pupils. Everyone was so excited! The Year 6 pupils decided it would be fair if they set up a rota for the use of the remote controlled cars, to ensure that everyone knew how to use them. Pupils are really looking forward to having their turn.

The money will be put towards the annual Year 6 residential visit to Calvert, Exmoor in May 2020, which provides our pupils with the opportunity to take part in an off island visit and provides respite for families.

Huge thanks to everyone involved in the Guernsey Rally Committee, your support has been phenomenal!

Paula Sullivan – Head Teacher

Pre Rally Meeting

We are having a Meeting at Landcress golf club 

7pm on Wednesday 8th January

Like all involved with the rally to attend







About / Committee



Service Area / Rally HQ


Beaucamp school 




Sat 29th February: 

9:00am - 9:00 pm